OTC Advisory Services

Sponsor "letter of Introduction", Form 211 filings, DTC eligibility

Our Services

Why the OTC Markets Group is right for your Company

At OTC Advisory Services we take the time to provide an overview of how the markets in the US can help you achieve greater investor engagement and how OTC Markets Group can benefit you as an issuer. We explain the required steps and elective steps and work with you to set a budget that suits you.

Operational Services

We are a one stop shop. We will take care of the required Sponsor Letter of Introduction, Form 211, DTC eligibility, IR communication, etc. You can use as few or as many of our services as you need. 

Value Added Services

We will work with OTC Markets Group on any compliance issues, saving you time and resources. You will find a significant benefit to having one group manage and liaison with the various operational components.   

Ongoing Assistance

Once we have fulfilled the role to which you engaged us, we will monitor your listing and provide free ongoing advice when and if needed.


Every OTC QB or QX application is unique. As a guide, application assistance and Sponsor Introduction services range from $4,800 - $6,200 USD, (net of OTC Markets Group fees). Other services such as DTC eligibility, Form 211 application consultation are assessed on a packaged basis.


Every issuer has their own specific questions and concerns. Be assured we will address them all and manage your application thoroughly to see your company trading as quickly as possible. Here are answers to two common questions:

  • OTC Markets Group list a number of FINRA  member brokers and securities firms that manage all the same services, why OTC Advisory Services? The answer really comes down to cost. Most of the full service corporate broker and securities firms charge tens of thousands of dollars making them cost prohibitive to many small cap Canadian companies. At OTC Advisory Services we are like a general contractor - we have negotiated service rates with sponsor attorney and securities firms and we pass those savings on to you.
  • All we need is a sponsor letter and we know a qualified sponsor law firm who can do that for us. So why use OTC Advisory Services? While a sponsor certified law firm is qualified to write your letter, are they managing all the other aspects to your application. At OTC Advisory Services we work with OTC Compliance every day dealing with any and all issues. This is what we specialize in and we probably do it all for less money.